SEO Opportunity in Nepal

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice for ranking higher on the search result page. It helps to increase the visibility of your digital business. SEO can generate a lot of opportunities for businesses all around the world.

However, many businesses in Nepal are still not aware of the benefits of SEO. And, the major reason behind it is the lack of knowledge about its possibility in Nepal.

If you are planning to grow digital businesses in Nepal, SEO should be your first priority. This is because it is a more effective and reliable form of marketing and provides lots of opportunities to grow your business.

In this blog, I will be covering the different opportunities of SEO for different businesses in Nepal.

Let’s get started.

1. Opportunity to Bring Free Traffic

With the help of SEO, you can rank higher on the search result page. And, once you rank higher, you can get free traffic coming to your businesses.

According to the research from Backlinko, about 31.7% of total users click the first organic search result on Google. That’s a huge number of free users every day.

SEO Opportunity for eCommerce Business

Now let’s see how SEO can bring lots of free traffic for eCommerce businesses in Nepal.

Here, you can see 3700 people are searching for online shopping nepal.

Monthly search volume for query online shopping Nepal is 3.7k
Online shopping Nepal search volume

Suppose you own an eCommerce site. And, with SEO, you manage to rank number 1 for this search. Now, among those 3700 searches, more than 2000 users will be visiting your business. And, 2000 customers per month is quite big.

If you are not considering SEO, then you are missing out on 2000 free customers on your business.

Besides, here are some more searches happening in the eCommerce business.

  • tshirt – 400/month
  • shoes – 1100/month
  • jacket – 500/month
  • dress for girls – 200/month
  • shoes for girls – 200/month

Here the search is for exact terms, people also search with some modifications as well. So the actual search volume will be higher.

2. Increase the Visibility of Your Business

The visibility of your business means more people will be aware of your business. This is another opportunity SEO brings in Nepal.

Suppose you are ranking higher on search engines for your business. Now, every time someone searches for keywords related to your business, they will see your business at the top.

As the number of searches increases, the visibility of your business also increases.

SEO Opportunity for Restaurants Business

If you search for the best restaurants in Kathmandu, you will see the following result (the search may change based on the time and location).

Local business listing for best restaurants in Kathmandu
Local business listing for best restaurants in Kathmandu

Here, you can clearly see 3 restaurants leading the ranking in Nepal.

Now, if we check the search volume for this keyword, we can find around 600 people search for this term.

Search volume for best restaurants in Kathmandu
Number of Searches for best restaurants in Kathmandu

This means every month more than 600 new people are knowing about these restaurants.

Here, no matter whether customers visit these restaurants or not, they will know about them. This is because these restaurants are always visible when they were searching.

All you have to do is rank higher and maintain it. Then, SEO will automatically promote your business all the time.

3. Convey your message to customers

With SEO, you can make people aware of your brands. You can make them understand what values you provide. You can convey your messages with blogs.

This approach has been widely used nowadays. Instead of just selling the products, businesses are providing information related to the products.

This is because people nowadays do lots of research before signing up for anything. And, people often prefer to purchase and learn from big brands that they know. This can be a huge benefit to your business.

SEO Opportunity for Education Consultancy

Let’s see an example of how Education Consultancies in Nepal can utilize this opportunity.

Suppose you own an educational consultancy in Nepal.

Before contacting your consultancy, people now do research. Here, you can see the number of searches happening from Nepal in the topic

TopicsSearches per month
University of Sydney1500
Charles Sturt University1100
Letter of recommendation970
Statement of purpose500
Consultancy in Nepal870
(This is just a small list. There are many more)

Now, instead of selling your service, you can create SEO content on those topics. And, use SEO to rank for them in Nepal.

This will help you build relationships with the users.

One important thing here is they are not some random people, they are people who are interested in studying abroad.

This means you are helping your potential customers and building a good relationship.

5. Build a trustworthy authoritative business

Having the authority in a particular field of business is so important in recent times. And, SEO can provide you the opportunity to build an authoritative business.

Let’s try to find the authoritative brand to sell and buy products in Nepal.

If we search for sell bike from Nepal, Hamrobazar is the first on the list.

Hamrobazar is ranking for keyword sell bike
Ranking for sell bike from Nepal

Let’s search for buy second hand bike from Nepal.

Hamrobazar showing first for keyword buy second hand bike
Ranking for buy second hand bike from Nepal

Again, Hamrobazar is on the top.

Let’s try again, and search for rent house in Kathmandu.

Hamrobazar ranking for keyword rent house in kathmandu
Ranking for rent house in Kathmandu

Here, as well Hamrobazar.

Now, even for people who have never heard about Hamrobazar, they feel it is the authoritative place to buy, sell, or rent products in Nepal.

Even search engine knows it and it prioritizes the authoritative businesses.

4. SEO is Relatively Cheap

Here, I said relatively cheap, not cheap. This is because SEO is a service and like every other service it costs money. But when we compare the cost with the opportunities it provides, it is an absolute bargain in Nepal.

First is the ROI (Return on Investment) you get through SEO. It lasts for a longer period. For example, once you rank for a certain business, it’s more likely that you will remain on the top for a longer period.

There is a simple logic behind it.

  1. When you rank higher, more people will notice you.
  2. And, more people will visit you.
  3. The more people visit you, Google thinks your business is worth ranking.
  4. And, you keep ranking.

It runs like a loop. But first, you should make yourself worthy to rank higher.

Hence, SEO provides an opportunity to get more ROI from less investment compared to other marketing techniques.

Unlike other marketing, you don’t always have to go to your users with different marketing techniques. You will keep gaining users even you stop doing SEO.

This saves a lot of money and makes SEO relatively cheaper in Nepal.

Final Words

There is no doubt that SEO will remain the game-changer for online business. This is because people will never stop searching online and search engines will never stop showing the best possible result.

And, to make search engines understand you are the best result, SEO is crucial for your business. 

With the recent advancement of digital marketing in Nepal, online businesses are growing so rapidly. This has created a kind of competition in the market.

And, you can get lots of benefits from all those opportunities SEO brings in Nepal.

Especially now, when there are much fewer competitions for SEO in Nepal. And, a small SEO campaign can be an X factor for your online business.

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Sudip has been working in the field of SEO and Content Marketing for the past 2 years. He is also a programmer who likes to indulge in Java and Python programming.

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