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What is querynepal?

QueryNepal provides tips and techniques in the field of SEO especially targeting the Nepali market. It covers topics ranging from SEO, digital marketing in Nepal, and Content writing.

I have found that many Nepali businesses are not fully aware of the potential of SEO and digital marketing. And, through Querynepal, I am trying to make businesses in Nepal aware of SEO and digital marketing. So that they can fully utilize the benefits that SEO brings to their businesses.

Also, Querynepal aims to educate young SEOs about the techniques to successed in this career.

Why did I start the blog?

During the initial days of my career, I struggle to find good resources to learn about SEO and digital marketing trends in Nepal. There are lots of resources but all are targeted at western audiences.

And, in the field of SEO, something that has worked for businesses in the US might not work for businesses in Nepal. This is why having articles that will explain the tips and techniques specific to the SEO and digital marketing trends in Nepal is so important.

Every time I learned new techniques, I am posting them here so that others can also benefit from them.

How can People benefit?

You can follow along with the content of the article. If you didn’t find any content you are looking for or you are facing some issues, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you.

About Sudip Bhandari

Sudip is a full-time SEO and Technical Content Developer at Programiz. He also works as an SEO freelancer based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

He is a computer science graduate who has spent most of his college time exploring the field of Java Programming. That provides him the opportunity to work at Programiz.

At Programiz, he finds that he is more interested in SEO than programming. So, he decided to pursue his career in the field of SEO. Now he spends his time learning and practicing SEO.

Sudip specializes in On-page SEO and link building. He feels that these are the two major factors for improving the ranking of any website.