Different Types of Search Query in Nepal

Whenever we use Google searches, there exist some purposes behind it. We might be searching to find some information. Or, we might be searching to buy some products.

There is always a motivation behind every search. And, based on motivation, Google searches can be divided into different types.

Today we will explore some of the different types of searches popular in Nepal. We will learn about

1. Informational Search: To learn something

As the name suggests, the main purpose of informational searches is to find some information on the internet.

When people search to learn something or to find some information, then the search is considered an informational search. Here, the information can be quick answers, guides, advice, tutorials, recipes, etc.

Let’s see what the popular informational searches in Nepal look like.

The search result page for the informational search query tax rate nepal
Informational Search Type

The above image shows the search result page for the query tax rate Nepal. Here, we can clearly see that people want to have information about the tax rate.

The result page generally consists of blog posts.

2. Transactional Search: To buy something

Transactional searches are directly related to buying some products online. Here, people are searching for products to buy.

Recently, online businesses in Nepal are growing so rapidly. This has increased the number of transactional searches as well.

It involves searches like

  • buy headphones
  • Netflix subscription in Nepal, and so on.
The result page for the transactional search query buy headphones in neppal
Transactional Search Type

Here is an example of a transactional search for the query buy headphones in nepal.

The result page for transactional searches consists of online stores and eCommerce websites.

3. Navigational Search: To reach somewhere

When people use Google search to reach someplace, then it falls under the category of navigational searches.

For example, people searching for querynepal on Google might want to visit the Querynepal website. 

This is how the navigational search works. Searchers have a clear idea of where they want to go. They use the search to visit there. This type of search generally involves the name of brands.

Here is an example of a navigational search.

The result page for the navigational search type online khabar news
Navigational Search Example

The result page of navigational searches generally consists of different pages of the brand used in the search query.

4. Mixed Search: Combination of two

There is no fixed rule that people use only those 3 types of search queries. Sometimes people use searches that will be a combination of two.

For example, the query, buy a laptop under 1 lakhs is the combination of the informational and transactional search.

Here, the purpose of the search is to buy a laptop. But, the searcher is not sure about which laptop to buy. So, he is looking for information as well.

Based on the searcher, this type of search can be put under either informational searches or transactional searches.

This is why I kept it in a different sector. Just to make you aware that, these types of search queries also exist.

How to determine the search type of a query?

Now that you know the different types of search queries. But, how can you categorize a specific query? How will you know if it’s an informational, transactional, or navigational search query?

It’s not that hard actually. All you have to do is use the search query and analyze the result page.

Now, if the result page is consists of

  • Blog Posts, then it is an informational search query
  • Product Page, then it is a transactional search, and 
  • Brand Name, then it is a navigational search 

Let’s determine the search type for the query seo opportunity nepal.

The search result page for query seo opportunity nepal is showing only blog posts
Search Type for SEO Opportunity Nepal

Here, we can see the result page of the query consists of only blog posts. This shows that the search type of seo opportunity nepal is Informational.

Why knowing about the search query is important?

In simple words, knowing about different types of search queries will give you an idea of the type of content you should be creating.

Suppose you have chosen a keyword to create content. Now you can categorize the keyword in one of the types of searches. That is if it falls under informational, transactional, or navigational search.

This helps you determine the type of content you should be creating. Like, if it falls under the informational search, you should be creating blog-type content.

Final Words

Knowing different types of searches is the same as finding the search intent behind a query. This helps you plan your blog.

So make sure you categorize your targetted keyword. And, find out if you are creating the right type of content based on the keyword.

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Sudip has been working in the field of SEO and Content Marketing for the past 2 years. He is also a programmer who likes to indulge in Java and Python programming.

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