How long does SEO take to work in Nepal?

Every time when an SEO agency onboard new clients, the first question they often get is “How long does SEO take to work?”.

And every time their answer is “It depends“.

That is the only right answer in this scenario. Unlike other fields, it’s not possible to predict the exact time duration for successful seo.

However, it doesn’t mean that seo is totally a black hole.

Generally, it takes around 3 to 6 months to actually start getting results from an SEO campaign. And, this is the time frame used by many SEOs and SEO agencies.

However, if we talk about a country like Nepal. Here is not much competition on organic ranking. So it’s safe to say that the duration is comparatively shorter than in other countries.

The time duration for seo to work depends on various criteria like the current status of the webpage, market competition, authority of the webpage, content, and many more.

Today, we will explore the different factors that are directly associated to determine the time duration for SEO in Nepal.

1. Current Status of the Webpage

The current condition of the website directly influences the time duration of your seo campaign.

For example, the age of your website. If you have a new site then the result of seo might take longer than some older sites.

Besides, if your site has been hit by Google algorithms or is violating guidelines, then the result might take forever to show.

So it’s really hard to predict the time of seo without properly analyzing the current status of the website.

2. Market Competition

The level of competition present in your field also plays a big role in determining the success of your seo.

The higher the competition is, the longer it will take and vice versa.

As mentioned earlier, there is not so much competition in the Nepali market when it comes to organic ranking. So, you might get earlier results if you are targeting for Nepali audience.

However, this is not true for every field. There exists some level of competition especially in the field of technology due to the presence of sites like Techlekh and GadgetByte Nepal.

If you want to know about the level of competition in your market, you can simply do a Google search with any topic in your field. And, see if you find any big names on the search engine result page.

3. Authority of Website

In the field of SEO, the authority of a website is determined by incoming links. That is if a site is getting a large number of high-quality links, then the site is considered a high authority site.

Think of this as like recommendation. If your site is recommended by many other sites, then search engines might consider your site trustworthy and expert.

And, search engines always give priority to a trustworthy (high authority) website. This is why the authority of a website directly affects the duration of your seo campaign.

The more the authority, the quicker the result will be.

In the previous section, we talk about Techlekh and GadgetByte Nepal. These sites have established themselves as a higher authority in the field of technology in Nepal.

Suppose you own a tech site similar to that of Techlekh. And, you have created great content and publish it.

Now if Techlekh also creates content on the similar topic. Then, the content published by Techlekh will rank quicker than yours.

This is because as per Google, Techlekh has more authority than yours. So, content from it will take less time to rank than some other low authority sites.

4. Content Quality

Content is the major factor that determines how quickly your seo campaign starts getting results.

No matter whatever you do, you cannot compromise on the quality of the content.

If the quality of your content is not valuable to your users, then there is no way you are getting results any time soon.

Also, creating content consistently also helps you get quicker results.

If you are regularly creating publishing content then there is a high chance that Google might consider your site as valuable. Thus helping the ranking of your website.


Unlike older days, search engines nowadays consider various factors while determining the organic ranking.

This makes it nearly impossible to predict the time duration for the working of SEO.

Despite the fact that there is no exact time for SEO to work, people are continuously investing in SEO.

The main reason behind it is the benefits it brings to any business.

And, in countries like Nepal, where there is much less competition in this field, there exists a huge SEO opportunity for businesses in Nepal.

Also, the time that SEO takes to work in Nepal is much lesser. This is why I feel it might be the perfect time to take your business online.

But one thing you should know is that SEO is more like a journey than a destination. It doesn’t stop once you get the result. You have to be regular and up to date with it.

This is because the ranking algorithm is changing continuously. And, the best practice today might not be worth tomorrow.

So it doesn’t matter when you get the result, you need to be regular and continuous when it comes to SEO in Nepal.

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Sudip has been working in the field of SEO and Content Marketing for the past 2 years. He is also a programmer who likes to indulge in Java and Python programming.

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